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Military REACH Review | May 2023 Newsletter

    Smooth Moves: Relocating Overseas

    By: Emily "Emmy" Wright , Graduate Research Assistant, Military REACH

    It's PCS season for military families - a time when the majority of military moves take place. This article focuses on OCONUS (Outside of the Continental United States) moves and the common challenges associated with them, along with strategies for making a family's next overseas relocation more manageable.

May is Military Appreciation & Mental Health Awareness Month In a sample of ~9,000 military spouses , 95% reported they are "doing well", while 5% reported having a probable diagnosis of major depressive disorder. Factors that increase the likelihood of a military spouse's depression are:

  • When their Service member has PTSD
  • Having less educational attainment
  • Lacking full-time employment
  • Having prior military service
  • Having a large family size

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