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Military REACH Review | March 2024 Newsletter

Researchers assessed whether participation in family therapy improved the likelihood that Veterans with a PTSD diagnosis received an adequate dose of individual PTSD treatment (i.e., attending at least 8 sessions in 6 months).

T/F: Attending family therapy was related to a higher likelihood of Veterans receiving an adequate dose of individual PTSD treatment.

    Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO): What is SECO?

    By: Bri Gordon and Ashtyn Grace King , Undergraduate Research Assistants, Military REACH

    SECO provides employment and education resources to active-duty spouses and spouses whose partners recently transited to veteran status. Services range from resume creation to learning about different education opportunities. This piece discusses the SECO program, why programs like SECO are helpful, and the services SECO offers.

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