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Military REACH Review | March 2023 Newsletter

    A Salute to Our Women Service Members

    Haley Sherman , Graduate Research Assistant, Military REACH

    Women have supported the U.S. Military since our country was founded. Over time, women’s roles have evolved, but their capability has never wavered. This piece will explore the roles of women throughout our military history, their contributions to our country, and the recent research about women Service members.

In a sample of 9,666 partners who participated in the Millennium Cohort Family Study between 2011-2014, 63% reported logistical barriers (e.g., cost, duration) as the most prevalent barrier to utilizing mental healthcare.

Other barriers were also common:

  • 52% reported having negative beliefs about mental healthcare (e.g., lacked trust)
  • 35% feared negative consequences (e.g., limited career options)
  • 32% internalized mental health stigma (e.g., embarrassment)
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