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Military REACH Review | June 2023 Newsletter

    Assessing intimate partner violence: A review of 13 reliable and valid tools (Military REACH, 2023)

    This report that provides information on reliable and valid intimate partner violence (IPV) screeners and assessments that are well-suited for use within military populations, and appropriate for use by a coordinated community response team (e.g., victim advocates, law enforcement officers, military commanders).

June is PTSD Awareness Month.

  • It's been estimated by researchers that 10-14% of Service members who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan developed PTSD.
  • It's possible that Service members may maintain/obtain security clearances while receiving help for PTSD ...and receiving psychological health services may actually be a positive factor when trying to obtain clearances.
  • Although Service members and Veterans experience PTSD at a higher rate than their civilian counterparts, anyone who faces a traumatic event may develop it. 7 - 8% of people are believed to experience PTSD at some point in their lives.

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