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Military REACH Review | February 2023 Newsletter

    Family systems theory in a military context

    Allison Tidwell , Graduate Research Assistant, Military REACH

    This piece provides an overview of the Family Systems Theory model, connects it to military family experiences, and suggests how military families can use knowledge of Family Systems Theory to overcome the challenges they face.

Individuals who are Black/African American have fought in every U.S. war, beginning with the Revolutionary war, and they continually contribute to all of our successes.

Did you know as of 2021, Black/African Americans represent:

  • ~1 in every 6 Active Duty Service members
  • ~1 in every 5 Reservists
  • ~1 in every 7 National Guard members
  • ~1 in every 7 DoD civilians
  • ~1 in every 17 Senior Executive Service civilians

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