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Military REACH Review | February 2022 Newsletter

    Transition Readiness: Supporting Youth with Disabilities

    Micaela White, M.Ed., NCC

    Military REACH Research Associate

    As a young adult with a disability, I often find myself reflecting on my upbringing with an increasing appreciation for the effect my parents had on my life. During life’s hardships, they challenged me to adapt and persevere, which ultimately forced me to learn invaluable life skills.

    See the Change, Be the Change

    Olivia Grella, MA

    Military REACH Research Assistant

    Every February, the eating disorder community gathers to celebrate National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “See the Change, Be the Change.” Anyone, no matter their age, shape, or gender, can suffer from an eating disorder, and it’s the community’s goal to help society address that.

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