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Clairee Peterson, Research Team
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Military REACH Research Associate
March 24, 2020
Clairee Peterson is a first-year PhD student in Human Development and Family Science at the University of Georgia, a graduate of the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Auburn University, and a second year graduate research assistant for Military REACH. During most of her time at REACH, Clairee has worked remotely, however, her work has been far from disconnected. Clairee has worked on over 35 TRIP reports, and has co-authored one Research Report (Problematic sexual behavior among children and youth: Considerations for reporting, assessment, and treatment).
Clairee is an independent worker who strives for excellence and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a task is completed well. We asked Clairee a few questions about her time with Military REACH. See her responses below.

1. What drew you to Military REACH?

I was drawn to Military REACH because both of my grandfathers served in the Army. I’ve grown up with an appreciation for the unique experiences of military life, for both service members and their families. I feel that service members and their families serve our country in a uniquely important way, and I would like to contribute to work that may help them in return.

2. How does your background in MFT inform the way you write TRIP reports?

As a marriage and family therapist, I care deeply about providing individuals, couples, and families with information they can directly utilize to improve their well-being and relationships. My motivation in becoming a therapist and researcher is to help others. To do this effectively as a researcher, I believe our research needs to be translated into actionable tasks that people can use. I strive to write TRIP reports in this fashion.

3. How has your time at REACH helped prepare you to accomplish your future goals?

My time working at REACH is actually a big part of the reason I chose to pursue a PhD. Working at Military REACH has shown me how research can be conducted and used in a way where it directly helps people – and how fulfilling and fun this process can be! My time here has helped prepare me to navigate the world of research while keeping my main goal of helping people always at the heart of my work.

4. What has been your favorite part of working with Military REACH?

My favorite part of working with Military REACH is collaborating with intelligent and caring people to do research that I feel is worth doing and will help military families.

We are thankful for the steady contributions Clairee makes to Military REACH as we strive to put research into practice.

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