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Bibhav Bhattarai, Web Development Team
16 July 2020
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Military REACH Project Manager
Bibhav Bhattarai Military REACH Web Developer, is a graduate student in Computer Science and Software Engineering at Auburn University. He began working with Military REACH soon after he started his master’s program in 2019, and his team members describe him as funny, easy to get along with, and helpful. He has been an asset to the team since he started, and some of his accomplishments include designing the functionalities for the REACH Dictionary and incorporating Cascade, a content management tool, into our website. Continue reading to learn more about Bibhav, his responsibilities with the team, and more!

1. What are your responsibilities as a web developer for Military REACH?

As a web developer for Military REACH, I serve as a full stack developer (working on the front- and back-end) for the team. My role is to bridge the thin line between front-end (user experience) and back-end development (website services/functionalities).

2. What tasks have you enjoyed most while working on the Military REACH project?

I’ve enjoyed working with the other members on the Web Development team, along with members from the full team. Regarding assignments, most have been joyful, but in particular, I loved when Allison Tidwell, REACH Undergraduate Researcher, proposed the idea of the REACH Dictionary . Dustin Elston, REACH Graphic Designer, designed the blueprint of the Dictionary, and Kate Abbate, REACH Project Manager, seamlessly conveyed everything to me. Once the Dictionary was ready for web development, we managed to add the wonderful newborn feature to the website within roughly a week!

3. Where are you originally from, and what surprised you when you first moved to Auburn, Alabama?

I am from Nepal, the country with Mount Everest, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, and of the brave “Gurkha” warriors. It was an easy adjustment moving to Auburn. The climate here is similar to Kathmandu, Nepal and the people here are very helpful.
What surprised me when moving to the States, was that even when commercial businesses are closed, they leave the lights on in the building. I had never seen something like that before moving to the States, and that surprised me the most! It’s probably due to security concerns, but there must be an alternative way to go about it while conserving energy.

4. What are you most proud of about your culture?

We have a festival in my culture called Tihar, also known as the festival of light, in which we worship for five straight days, each day being dedicated to a particular cause. Amongst those days three are dedicated to animals - crow (it signifies the messenger of death), dog (it signifies the guards of heaven/hell), cow (it signifies prosperity and wealth). This part of the culture in which we have celebrations for other forms of life is a refreshing reminder of the significance-of-self.

5. You are expected to graduate soon (one to two semesters!). What skills have you gained from the Military REACH project that have prepared you for the workforce?

Besides improving my coding skills (particularly of JAVA and JavaScript ), I have had the opportunity to work with great team players in Military REACH, and, therefore, have had the opportunity to learn problem solving adeptness, readiness for adaptability, and the virtue of collective efforts. All of these skills will surely come in handy in the near future.
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