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Operation Iron Ruck: Joining forces to combat Veteran suicide

15 Dec 2020
Written By
Military REACH Project Manager
This month’s Mission: Alabama topic, Operation Iron Ruck: Joining Forces to combat Veteran Suicide, centers around Veterans and their need for community support when returning home. The article discusses the different faces of our Veterans, the impact isolation has on their physical and mental health, and Operation Iron Ruck, a local program whose purpose is to raise awareness about suicide among Veterans and foster connections between Veterans and their communities.
The overall goal of this topic was to bring awareness to the needs of Veterans. In short, Veterans need their community’s support when transitioning back to civilian life. You can support our Veterans by participating in programs like, Operation Iron Ruck, donating to local Veterans’ organizations, such as Three Hots and a Cot, or by continuing to enhance your military cultural competence.
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Dr. Mallory Lucier-Greer, associate professor at Auburn University, and Dr. David L. Albright, professor at the University of Alabama, partnered with AL.com to write a monthly column, Mission: Alabama. The monthly column has four primary goals, including…

  1. bringing awareness to the well-being of Service members, Veterans (SM/Vs), and their families globally and in Alabama,
  2. dispelling myths that surround military service,
  3. highlighting resources that are available across our state to serve SM/Vs and their families, and
  4. advocating for the needs of SM/Vs and their families.

Dr. Mallory Lucier-Greer is the Project Director for Military REACH at Auburn University and an associate professor for Human Development and Family Science in Auburn’s College of Human Sciences.

Dr. David L. Albright is the Director for the Office for Military Families and Veterans and Vital Principal Investigator at the University of Alabama.

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