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Haley Sherman: Cindy Winter Scholarship Award Recipient

16 Aug 2023
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Military REACH Project Manager
Congratulations to Haley Sherman who received the Cindy Winter Scholarship Award! This award honors leadership excellence within the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and the overall discipline of family science. Haley was selected as the award winner because of her exceptional leadership, specifically during her time as an undergraduate student and during her graduate career.
During her undergraduate program, Haley:
  • Was on the president’s and dean’s list several times
  • Received honors from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and university awards for academic competence
  • Was inducted into a leadership society called the Seminole Torchbearers
  • Launched the Family and Child Sciences Club in her department:
    • This required petitioning her department, the college, and Student Affairs to create a Family Science professional development organization, and then recruiting students and following the required steps to establish a Registered Student Organization
During her master’s degree program, Haley:
  • Developed 5 community-facing articles focused on translating Family Science into tangible takeaways for the Extension community, military policymakers, and families in transition
  • Co-created 6 regional and national research-focused presentations
  • Completed a multi-study thesis focused on the intersections of stress, coping mechanisms, and well-being
  • Became a Certified Family Life Educator
  • Became a member of the AU HDFS Graduate Student Organization
  • Joined NCFR and assumed leadership roles in the department, the university, and the profession:
    • In the department, she served as secretary of the Graduate Student Organization
    • At the university-level, she served as a mentor for first year graduate students and was recognized for her accomplishments via the Graduate First-Year Experience Mentor Award
    • Regarding the profession, Haley was appointed the Graduate Student Advisor for the regional NCFR affiliate, the Southeastern Council on Family Relations (SECFR)
During her doctoral degree program, Haley has…
  • Contributed to 2 grant proposals submitted (one funded!)
  • 4 peer-reviewed publications (2 as first author and several more in the pipeline)
  • 18 research-based presentations to include 5 at NCFR and 4 at SECFR (11 as first author)
  • Continued investing in others and the HDFS discipline. She:
    • Serves as a mentor for the university for the first-year graduate students (and she won another mentoring award!)
    • Served as secretary then treasurer of the Graduate Student Organization
    • Mentored an HDFS undergraduate research fellow throughout their research process (from proposal development to publication), and her mentee even had the chance to present at a national conference!
Haley Sherman is an exceptional student and professional. She has a drive to develop sound scholarship and has a focus on leadership, engagement, and outreach to equip communities with research-based solutions. As an emerging scholar, she understands that being part of a discipline, especially Family Science, is seen as a give-and-take relationship – such that she learns from others as they invest in her and her future, and in turn, she invests in others as they learn from her.
Haley is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Human Development and Family Science. Among many things, she is a Graduate Research Assistant for Military REACH and assists with completing research summaries on the well-being of military families and research reports for the Department of Defense.
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