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Student Highlights

Erin VanMeter, Graphic Designer
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Military REACH Project Manager
June 18, 2020
Erin VanMeter is a recent college graduate and a Military REACH Graphic Designer. She started working with our team in fall 2019 and graduated this spring with her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. She assists our team by designing flyers, banners, original icons, tables, and charts for reports, and she designed the full report Military REACH: Let’s take a look at 2019. Erin always has a positive attitude, is highly creative, and is a talented designer. Continue reading Erin’s Student Highlights story below to learn much more!

1. What drew you to work with the Military REACH team?

I was drawn to the Military REACH team because what they work for every day is something bigger than them. They all contribute to the thousands of military families and loved ones affected by the military, and I love that.

2. What design task have you enjoyed most?

I had the opportunity to work on the end of the year poster for the Military REACH team, and it was amazing to see all they have accomplished in just one year.

3. What is your design process?

My role as a designer for the project is focused on delivering products/designs to the team. I design my layouts to appreciate and focus on what they need to see first. I make sure that everything is user friendly, keeping the user interface in mind. I want the product to flow and be easy to use/understand. The process can be challenging, but it is worth it in the end.

4. What skills have you gained from the Military REACH project that have prepared you for a career as an industrial designer?

From working with Military REACH, I have taken away that you can learn something from everything you do. Whether it’s a small layout design, or an end of the year poster, using everyone’s thoughts and opinions to produce an overall product is the most important. I have gained confidence to be passionate in my design decisions and really let that show with what I deliver to the team.

5. What is your dream job/career goal?

My dream job would be to produce high-end prosthetics for lower income families. My brother has a prosthetic arm, and I have seen firsthand how impacting a prosthetic can be and how expensive it can cost. I want to be able to give that chance to families that can’t necessarily afford it.
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