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Allison Tidwell, Award Winning Student

18 Apr 2022
Written By
Military REACH Project Manager
Congratulations to Allison Tidwell, Military REACH Graduate Research Assistant. She was awarded the Best Poster Presentation for the College of Human Sciences at the Auburn University Student Research Symposium. Her research was titled, “In it for the long haul: Preliminary analyses of work- and family-related factors as predictors of service members’ intentions to remain in the military”.
The purpose of her study was to explore how work and family-factors influence a Service members' intentions to stay in the military beyond their service commitment. Service members reported on unit cohesion, met expectations, morale, work-family balance, and romantic relationship quality as factors that influence their intentions to stay or leave the military.
The findings showed that work-family balance both directly and indirectly contributed to the service member’s intentions to stay or leave through morale. Similarly, met expectations and unit cohesion indirectly contributed to intentions to stay or leave through morale.
Overall, this study highlights opportunities for policy and programming to address work-family balance and morale to increase Service member retention.
Allison is a second-year master’s student in Human Development and Family Science. She assists the Military REACH team with completing research summaries on the well-being of military families and research reports for the Department of Defense.
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