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Meredith Farnsworth: Award Winner of the 2020 NCFR Student/New Professional Award

10 Nov 2020
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Military REACH Project Manager
This week, Military REACH members are virtually attending the annual conference for the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) to present information about their research and to develop their professional skills in serving families through research, theory, and practice.
We are proud of all our team members who are presenting at the conference, but we are especially proud of Meredith Farnsworth, Military REACH Graduate Research Assistant, for being the winner of the Student/New Professional NCFR award. This is an incredible achievement!
Meredith Farnsworth received the Student/New Professional award for her paper presentation, “Military Stressors, Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality, and Adolescent Adjustment.”
The current study sought to understand the parent-adolescent relationship with both active duty and civilian parents as a mechanism linking stressors that military families commonly encounter with adolescents’ adjustment. Findings showed that military stressors were largely unrelated to measures of adolescent adjustment, with few exceptions, and that relationship quality with each parent uniquely contributed to adolescent adjustment. These findings align with recent research indicating that objective military stressors may not be as directly impactful on adolescent adjustment as previously thought and emphasize parental relationship quality as a leverage point for improving adolescent adjustment in military families.

NCFR Military Focused Presentations

Several sessions this week are focused on Service members & their families (full list here), including the NCFR Focus Group Meeting on Military Families and Children 11/12 from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST.

2020 NCFR Conference: https://www.ncfr.org/ncfr-2020
Future NCFR Conferences: https://www.ncfr.org/future-conferences
NCFR was founded in 1938 and is a professional, nonprofit organization focused on family research, practice, and education. Learn more about NCFR on their website: https://www.ncfr.org/about.
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