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Student Highlights

Davina Quichocho, Research Team
27 Feb 2020
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Military REACH Reasearch Associate
Davina Quichocho is a third year PhD student in Human Development and Family Studies, and is one of the longest serving team members in the Military REACH lab. “I came to work at Military REACH because I was raised in a military family. For me, that means that I believe in the sacrifices that families make alongside their service members; but I also believe there are ways to make those sacrifices more manageable.”
In her role as graduate research assistant, Davina contributes to Military REACH by putting research into practice in a variety of ways. Her roles include, but are not limited to, TRIP and research report author, social media posts writer, and executive director of all holiday décor. Davina helps REACH mobilize research and promote family readiness through high-quality work and ensures our office remains in high-spirits along the way. She is known for her positive attitude, love of bunnies, and passion for all things regarding the health and well-being of the environment. Her colleagues describe her as creative, organized, insightful, eloquent, a problem-solver, inclusive, and kind.
A few of Davina’s most memorable contributions to date:
“What I love most about my job here is that we put a lot of hard work and heart work into harnessing the power of science to better serve those who serve our country. I could not ask to work alongside a more passionately curious, genuinely compassionate, and altogether brilliant group of human beings.”
We are thankful to have Davina as a part of the Military REACH team, and our work is better because of her hard work and positive attitude.
Students are an integral part of Military REACH because they provide our team with a new perspective, high-quality products, and invaluable assistance. Continue to look out for our Student Highlights, where we will feature students from our team and will highlight the contributions they have made not only to our team, but to the larger military community.
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