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Allison Bell, Undergraduate Researcher
19 Nov 2020
Written By
Military REACH Project Manager
Allison Bell began working with Military REACH in August 2020 as an undergraduate researcher. Our goal is that she comes away from her REACH experience with a better understanding of military families and the importance of collaborative teamwork, and so far, that’s exactly what she is working towards! During her short time here, she has played a critical role in organizing content for Family Focus articles and assisting with literature reviews for research reports. Her colleagues describe her as hard working, a team player, and said she approaches any task with a “can do” attitude. Continue reading to learn about Allison’s primary REACH tasks, her motivations to work hard, and more.

1. What are some of the primary tasks you have worked on for Military REACH?

Some of my primary roles with Military REACH include organizing Family Focus articles, creating Social Media posts, and helping with various research-related needs that arise, such as reviewing documents for proper grammar and APA citations. I also assist with literature reviews for research reports as needed.

2. What was your perspective of Military REACH prior to you joining the team? How has it changed since you have been with the team?

Prior to joining the Military REACH team, I believed the team was comprised of brilliant and competent researchers and assistants. I admired the work they completed and the projects they tackled. Since joining the team, I have maintained this perspective as I am surrounded by highly intelligent, helpful, and encouraging individuals. However, after observing this work firsthand, I have a new level of respect for this team as I realize the level of effort that goes into the process of completing projects within Military REACH. Prior to joining, I was unaware of the tireless work the team puts into producing quality projects.

3. What motivates you to work hard?

When I need the motivation to work hard, I remember that the work I do directly improves the lives of others. My goal is to make resources more accessible to individuals in need and to spread awareness of these resources. Specifically, with Military REACH, seeing how the team’s work directly impacts individuals inspires me to give my best every day and seek ways I can continue to serve others beyond my time with this team.

4. What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a marriage and family therapist. Military REACH has helped me develop skills that will serve me well in this position; I have gained a greater understanding of the obstacles individuals and families face. REACH has also given me the tools to educate myself on the resources available to promote the well-being of marriages and families.

5. What are three words you would use to describe yourself and why?

Three words I would use to describe myself are empathetic, focused, and loyal.

Empathy is embedded in every interaction I have, both in my personal and professional life. This is something I am learning to balance as it is necessary in my future career, but I have realized that the best way I can help someone is by empowering them to utilize resources that may increase their well-being rather than trying to fix others’ challenges on my own. This is something I have quickly learned in my time with Military REACH.

I would also use the word focused to describe myself because whether I am working on a task, communicating with another person, or accomplishing a personal goal, I am able to push aside distractions to fully perform my role.

Lastly, loyalty is a trait I value in every aspect of my life, including my professional life, my personal relationships, and my relationship with myself. I value honoring the commitments I make to others and myself, and I believe this has carried me far in my academic career.

Students are an integral part of Military REACH because they provide our team with a new perspective, high-quality products, and invaluable assistance. Continue to look out for our Student Highlights, where we will feature students from our team and will highlight the contributions they have made not only to our team, but to the larger military community.

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