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Military families and financial stress

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Gunty, A., Richmond, A., Davis, L., Williams, R., Mikal, J., Sherman, M.,...Borden, L. M. (2016). Military families and financial stress. Prepared for the Department of Defense’s Office of Family Policy as a part of the University of Minnesota’s REACH Program, Supporting Military Families through Research and Outreach.

Abstract Created by REACH:

This report presents a comprehensive review of the literature regarding the ways families, especially military families, are impacted by and function in the context of financial stress. One way to conceptualize financial stress in families is to examine how financial stressors (e.g., loss of employment, unexpected major expenses) threaten families’ present and future security as well as their current and future freedom of choice (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2015). Military families are a special subgroup of all families because their experiences of financial stress occur within the specific context of military service (Hosek & Wadsworth, 2013). Since stress from other areas in life (e.g., marriage, parenting, deployments, separation) interacts with financial stress to impact the functioning of families, in general, and military families, specifically, it is important to reduce financial stress to help lessen the family’s overall stress and improve their general functioning (Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, 2016).



Branch of Service:

Air Force
Marine Corps
Multiple branches

Military Affiliation:

Active Duty

Subject Affiliation:

Military families


Childhood (birth - 12 yrs)
Adolescence (13 - 17 yrs)
Adulthood (18 yrs & older)
Young adulthood (18 - 29 yrs)
Thirties (30 - 39 yrs)
Middle age (40 - 64 yrs)
Aged (65 yrs & older)


Review of Literature


Borden, Lynne M., Braughton, Jacqueline, Brown, Samantha, Davis, Laurel, Gunty, Amy, Jaeger, Emily, Mikal, Jude, Otto, August, Otto, Mark, Richmond, Adeya, Roddy, Morgan, Roeske, Rachel, Sherman, Michelle D., Werner, Emma, Williams, Rhiannon, Wilcox, Shelby

Publisher/Sponsoring Organization:

The Military REACH Team

Publication Type:

REACH Publication

Author Affiliation:

Department of Family Social Science, The University of Minnesota, LMB


The University of Minnesota

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REACH Publication Type:

Research Report


Developed in collaboration with the Department of Defense's Office of Family Policy, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture under Aware No. 2009-48667-05833.

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