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Spiritual well-being, relationships, and work satisfaction in the treatment of homeless veterans with alcohol/other drug problems

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Benda, B. B., DiBlasio, F. A., & Pope, S. K. (2006). Spiritual Well-Being, Relationships, and Work Satisfaction in the Treatment of Homeless Veterans with Alcohol/Other Drug Problems. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 24(1-2), 109-124. doi:10.1300/J020v24n01_07


Mental health
Substance use

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Multiple branches

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Adulthood (18 yrs & older)
Aged (65 yrs & older)
Middle age (40 - 64 yrs)


Empirical Study
Quantitative Study


Benda, Brent B., Diblasio, Frederick A., Pope, Sandra K.


This study examined a random sample of 600 homeless male veterans, aged 46 to 65, who served in the military during the Vietnam War. The purpose of the study was to identify predictors of readmission to an inpatient treatment program for alcohol and drug abuse in a 2-year follow-up. Among the strongest predictors were comorbidity, suicidal thoughts, memory loss, and childhood sexual and physical abuse. Improvements in family relationships, friendships, work satisfaction, and spiritual well-being were positively related to length of time homeless veterans remained in the community without readmission. Discussion of these findings for service provisions was presented.

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Haworth Press

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School of Social Work, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, BBB
School of Social Work, University of Maryland, FAD
Department of Geriatrics, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, SKP


homeless male veterans, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, spiritual well being, interpersonal relationships, work satisfaction, hospital readmission

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