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Student Highlights

Katie Krumm
11 March 2020
Written By
Military REACH Project Manager
Working in a University setting is a privilege because it puts our team in contact with so many talented people and students. This week we will feature a student who volunteered her time and skills to provide a mock news story about Military REACH - Katie Krumm, a junior in Journalism at Auburn University.
Katie contacted our team in fall 2019 and asked if she could complete a news story to promote Military REACH for her Digital News Production class. We were grateful for the opportunity to not only gain a high-quality product for our project, but to also be a part of a student’s learning experience. When asked why she chose Military REACH for her project Katie said, “I am a military brat myself and I know firsthand the difficulties that come along with [military life]. Military REACH has a beautiful and impactful mission that can do a lot of good.”
At Military REACH, collaboration is foundational to the work that we do, and we are grateful for students like Katie who are interested in offering their time, unique skills, and training to further our mission.

Check out Katie’s news story below.

Students are an integral part of Military REACH because they provide our team with a new perspective, high-quality products, and invaluable assistance. Continue to look out for our Student Highlights, where we will feature students from our team and will highlight the contributions they have made not only to our team, but to the larger military community.
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