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The Military REACH Team Learns from Dr. Leanne Knobloch, Communications and Military Family Scholar at the University of Illinois

15 Oct 2020
Written By
Military REACH Project Manager

Our team had the privilege of learning from Dr. Leanne Knobloch, a communications and military family scholar at the University of Illinois. She shared about her research, the development of the Relational Turbulence Model, and her journey to becoming a military family scholar. We also learned that Dr. Knobloch thinks highly of teamwork and collaboration, is always looking to improve, and how important it is that her research is accessible to those who need it. This resonated to our team because our primary goal is to translate research into practical implications and ensure it is useful to our target audiences (i.e., military families, helping professionals, policy experts, and military leadership).

Check out Dr. Knobloch’s work on how couple relationships are more vulnerable and can change during periods of transition, such as deployment.

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