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Killian Faulk, AFROTC Cadet, Presents about Military REACH to Upcoming Commissioning Air Force Officers

13 Apr 2021
Written By
Military REACH Project Manager
The goal of Military REACH is to make research practical and accessible to military families, direct service helping professionals, and those who work on behalf of military families. We do this in a variety of ways, including disseminating research findings directly to the Department of Defense, our website, through our monthly newsletter, posting research findings on social media, and by presenting our work at conferences. Our students also play a vital role in our ability to spread the word about Military REACH.
Recently, Killian Faulk, our undergraduate researcher and Air Force ROTC cadet, presented to seniors in her class about Military REACH. The students attending the presentation are cadets preparing to graduate, commission, and begin a career in the Air Force, so the information provided them the opportunity to learn more about available resources and how to handle potential situations they may be involved in throughout their careers (e.g., how to support someone with PTSD, where to access resources for families, preparing families for, and returning from, deployment).
Killian’s presentation focused on providing the cadets with a basic understanding of human sciences, how human sciences and the military overlap, and why research and outreach matter. Her presentation ended with an interactive question and answer segment related to recent research findings. This segment was eye-opening for the cadets and sparked conversations about (1) the importance of staying abreast on current research findings, (2) the importance of looking for opportunities to continually improve their knowledge and understanding about their careers, and (3) how research informs leadership.
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