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Family resilience theory addresses the ability (or inability) of families to come out of a crisis or avoid a crisis altogether. This model has assumed various definitions among researchers and practitioners, but overall has evolved in meaning through a series of waves. The first wave version of the family resilience model was grounded in family stress and coping theory, and identified resilience as an outcome. The second wave version, on the other hand, was grounded in individual resilience, family stress theory, and family systems theory along with the notion of resilience as a process rather than an outcome.

Citation: Cramm, H., Norris, D., Venedam, S., & Tam-Seto, L. (2018). Toward a model of military family resiliency: A narrative review. Journal of Family Theory Review, 10(3), 620-640. https://doi.org/10.1111/jftr.12284

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